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Paycheck Disposable Income

Paycheck Disposable Income provides an estimate of the income available to households after tax, national insurance and other essential outgoings.
Understanding household income is vital in being able to provide the most appropriate products and services to customers and communities. Knowing how much income is actually available once the basic cost of living has been taken into account offers even more insight into your consumers.
CACI have built a range of statistically robust models to accurately predict expenditure on each of 16 categories of outgoings. These have been built using data from Ocean, CACI’s lifestyle database, as well as official statistics and survey data.
Average disposable income and outgoings are provided for each of the 1.5 million residential postcodes in the UK.
Public sector organisations can use Paycheck Disposable Income as an input into measures of health and wellbeing, and assessments of housing affordability. 
Financial services organisations can identify share of wallet for insurance, life and pensions.
Retail and leisure brands can better understand available spend for premium products.

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