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Consistent and reliable gross household income estimates for all UK postcodes

CACI has developed Paycheck to provide consistent and reliable gross household income estimates at full postcode level across the UK. It uses information from CACI's lifestyle database, in conjunction with data from the ONS’s Average Weekly Earnings and Living Costs & Food Survey to build a consistent and statistically reliable model. Income reflected by Paycheck is gross household income from all sources including earnings, benefits and investments. As well as providing the mean, median and mode income, it also breaks down into £5,000 bands up to £200,000 plus.

Public Sector organisations use Paycheck to complement their own local data supporting a wide range of needs including Strategic Housing Market Assessments, Local Plans and Joint Strategic Needs Assessments.

Financial Services companies use the data to understand and manage the requirements of more affluent consumers for premium banking as well as providing input to insurance underwriting decisions.

Residential Developers use Paycheck to understand the affordability of housing around new developments to underpin site acquisition, unit pricing and planning applications.


 Paycheck Product Sheet

 Wealth of the Nation Report 2016

Case Studies

 Local Authorities Case Study


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  • Gross household income including income support and savings

  • Detailed income across 26 bands

  • Available to income level of £200,000+

  • Equivalised Paycheck and Paycheck Lifestage are available

  • Fully rebuilt and updated annually with latest data

  • Technical guide to accompany each update

  • Robust and consistent measure of income across the UK

  • Available as area reports, database enrichment and directories


paycheck knowledge


  • Deliver intelligence on local populations at detailed postcode level

  • Allocate resources effectively Understand and benchmark affordability

  • Assess the effects of welfare reform changes Use as an input into statistical models

  • Plan the provision of premium banking services and advisors

  • Produce accurate underwriting decisions

  • Deliver insight and data enhancement

  • Support planning applications for home builders

Further information

For further information on how Paycheck can help you to improve your understanding of household income please contact the Data Depot on +44 (0)20 7605 6008, or visit our Contact page.

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