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Supporting Children's services statutory & administrative needs

IMPULSE has been putting children and families first for over 20 years – giving children’s universal education services the tools they need to continuously improve operations and outcomes, and to deliver education experiences that best meets everyone’s needs, now and in the future, in the most affordable and efficient way.

With IMPULSE, we believe that your children’s education service can offer real value to everyone involved & continue doing so for years to come, while dramatically improving internal processes and collaboration.

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The Ultimate Education Service Administration Tool

Our IMPULSE Education system is a single database application that allows your team to work collaboratively with other services by using centralised single core records.

These core records include Addresses, Persons (Parents, Professionals), Agencies, Establishments, Households and, of course, the Child/Pupil Records. This single core record gives true insight on the journey of a child through the system, including the situation of their family or household.

IMPULSE broadens your view of a child's path through the education system by continually improving the integration of data from other agencies, removing the risk of potential blind spots and making sure you have visibility of everything you need to know to deliver the very best service possible.

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Transform Your Education Service

IMPULSE can be whatever you need it to be - a full standalone solution that covers all aspects of what you do. Or a selection of modules that enhance your existing systems and still provides one cleansed, accurate source of core pupil data.

There are a series of specialist modules that work with the core database to best support your services, including:

IMPULSE Modules include Admissions, Benefits and more

See a full list of Impulse Modules including descriptions

In addition to the core modules, we also offer additional functionality including IMPULSE Capture & Analytics and IMPULSE School Admissions Portal.

IMPULSE helps every group in your locality

IMPULSE allows you to stategically connect and contextualise your data in one information platform. We work hard to continuously improve IMPULSE so it delivers universal value and insight for every group your locality serves and supports.

For schools and the locality, this means information can automatically be shared between groups and authorities, granting universal visibility of child status.

This gives every member of staff the information they need to work as effectively as possible for each individual child – while eliminating repetitive admin tasks and manual reporting processes.

How IMPULSE helps Schools
How IMPULSE helps Parents

For parents, it means easier admissions processes and less repetitive administration work.

This means that they can better support the child’s education and give them the best possible start in life.

For children, it means that whatever they’re going through and whatever they need, everyone they deal with can clearly understand them on an individual level.

There’s no guesswork or blanks to fill in, just a universally high level of informed support, in school and from other local authorities and services.

How IMPULSE helps children
How IMPULSE helps the community

For the wider local community, it means that children are getting the support they need, when they need it, from the people best suited to deliver it.

In turn, that helps reduce potential problems and helps to tackle issues that see children fall behind in their education which might otherwise go unnoticed.


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