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Fresco is CACI’s most powerful financial services segmentation - the first consumer classification of its kind in the UK marketplace. Using GFK’s Financial Research Survey and CACI’s own wealth of data on the UK population, it describes individuals in terms of their financial product holdings, attitudes, lifestage, affluence and digital behaviour.
Fresco is a code which can be appended to each record at individual level, and segments the UK adult population into:
  • 12 segments (designed for strategic use and to enable high level customer understanding, proposition development profiling and segmentation)
  • 45 sub segments (primarily used more tactically, looking at more detailed targeting, campaigning and customer persona creation)
  • 134 micro segments (this level is best used in detailed modelling and analysis)
Fresco’s ability to divide UK consumers into discrete and clearly defined groups provides organisations with a universal vocabulary with which to describe customers, prospects and the market place. Fresco can be used both for strategic and tactical planning in a wide range of different applications including propositions development, branch planning and management, prospect targeting and campaign planning.
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