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Fresco is CACI’s powerful individual level, financial services segmentation, built by combining IPSOS’s Financial Research Survey and CACI’s own wealth of data on the UK population.
It divides the UK into 12 segments and 52 sub-segments based on an individual’s life stage, affluence, product holdings, channel usage and attitude to money. Fresco provides a universal vocabulary with which to describe your customers, prospects and the market.
Fresco’s ability to divide UK consumers into discrete and clearly defined groups has made it the gold standard classification within the financial services sector. It can be used across a range of applications both strategic and tactical including:
  • Customer insight
  • Branch network planning and management
  • Bespoke customer segmentations
  • Customer cross sell and targeting
  • Proposition development
  • Comms personalisation
  • Building bespoke models
  • Digital acquisition
  • Offline prospect targeting
  • Market sizing
Read some of our customer experiences of using Fresco from Lloyds Bank, Nationwide and Principality Building Society.

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