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While many of the UK’s leading brands still see real value in direct mail, the need for greater efficiencies is more important than ever.

We can help.

AnaBase is our Address Management software solution that works in a number of ways to maximise the impact of your DM campaign and to provide savings on your mailing postage costs.

Its address cleansing abilities validate and correct addresses and can also remove any duplication. Ensuring your mailing list is as efficient as it can be. That’s just one string to its bow. Our AnaBase MailSort module will support Royal Mail’s Bulkmail products as well as catering for other postal service providers such as TNT and UK Mail.

Using the Royal Mail’s very latest selection files, the powerful software organises your mailing just the way they like it. Allowing you to take advantage of the various discounts for mailings that are pre-sorted to their criteria.

We work closely with the Royal Mail to make sure our software is in line with their latest rules. In fact, we’re one of the few companies accredited by them to do this. So your mailing list, and your budget is in good hands.


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