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Retail Landscape Report 2018

CACI release in depth report on the retail industry

London, 18th October 2018: CACI’s Property Consulting Group release report examining the Retail Landscape in 2018.

Retail is becoming increasingly polarised. In a world where consumers are always switched on but increasingly time poor, when they want something they expect it immediately. On the other hand, when consumers choose to relax in their leisure time, they want it to be worth their while. This contrary consumer has a big impact on the role of a retail destination and individual stores.

Retail centres are having to evolve at a rapid rate to simply keep pace with consumer expectations, and not everyone is keeping up. In this report, CACI break down the retail landscape into six key themes landlords, developers and retailers need to know.

Alex McCulloch, Director with CACI’s Property Consulting Group

“The retail industry needs to stop blaming online for the “death” of physical retail. Online is not killing retail, it is evolving it and the industry needs to embrace this new world in the same way that the consumer has. Channels are now irrelevant. The most successful brands and destinations know this and don’t think in siloed channels; they think about customer experience and their buying journey. They understand who their customer is and what they want from a retail experience.”

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Retail Landscape

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Retail Landscape Report 2018

CACI release in depth report on the retail industry