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Factors For Success in a Time of Change


The Big Question for Field Sales and Merchandising Teams

Are your field sales and merchandising teams equipped to adapt to consumer, commercial and environmental changes that will shape the consumer-packaged goods (CPG) market over the next decade?

The external environment and social behaviours are changing the landscape for CPG distributors and outlets. From online buying and sustainability concerns to the rise of Gen Z and electric vehicles.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also transformed our world in a matter of months with falls in emissions, changes in consumer attitudes, purchasing patterns and behaviours as a “buy local” trend accelerates.

These factors will all have a direct impact on field sales operations all over the world now, and in the future, and pose threats to profitability, revenue and established ways of working.


Is There Even a Future for Field Teams in this Volatile New World?

All these external factors will impact on field sales – coupled with internal changes, such as the way salespeople have managed to function using virtual meetings and the telephone during the COVID-19 pandemic are potential existential threats to the role of the field sales rep.

How do field sales & merchandising operations need to adapt, not just to survive, but to embrace these changes in retail, demographics, sustainability and working practices, and really thrive? 

We believe that field teams are needed more than ever in this challenging landscape... but critically, they need to evolve.


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Factors For Success in a Time of Change