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Sector- Online Gaming

Online gaming is one of the fastest moving technology sectors. Whether offering a real-time gaming experience or online gambling services, the organisations that operate in this space demand high-performance network capabilities that boast security levels comparable to the financial market. The sector has also been the subject of significant merger and acquisition activity, providing an opportunity to improve efficiencies and create a broader market reach.

CACI supports network change programmes and operations, allowing our customers to ensure that their systems are robust enough to withstand the peaks in demand that often occur as a result of a major event. Network failure during these times can mean the loss of multiple millions in revenue, and in turn can have a long-term effect on customer retention.

How we can help you

  • Assess current network and IT infrastructure capability
  • Audit security weaknesses, overall systems and process improvements.
  • Determine datacentre designs and migrations
  • Customer application enhancements and network security upgrades
  • Provide IT architects who are market experts in the merger, migration or upgrade of IT systems,
  • Operational support for network and IT infrastructure

Where we deliver value

  • Reduction of your operating costs in both Opex and Capex expenditure
  • Increasing your ability to compete in a fast-paced environment
  • We’re vendor-neutral so can be relied on to ensure the best of breed solution and implementation
  • Implementation of network management solutions that maintain high performance levels, manage faults and provision new services in the most efficient way
  • An operational support model that covers peak times without committing to increase the permanent cost base

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