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How Transport for Greater Manchester increased value from data to understand the people behind travel patterns

A combination of Transport for Greater Manchester and CACI's data enhanced and created insight on customer profiles

The challenge

  • Increase the proportion of journeys made by active travel and public transport
  • Understand variations in the customer profile across different modes of travel, and specific Bus, Metrolink, and cycle routes
  • Understand barriers to take-up for different user groups (e.g. geographic location, affordability)
  • Identify appropriate ways to engage with existing customers and target new users

The solution

To overcome these challenges, Transport for Greater Manchester partnered with CACI on the following solutions:

  • Use Acorn Postcode, Workforce Acorn, Paycheck, and Retail Footprint to enhance their own datasets, including survey data (at the sampling, weighting and analysis stages)
  • Use with GIS systems to identify spatial patterns and trends
  • Postcode-level analysis provides a granular understanding that allows for targeted intervention

The benefits

“CACI’s Acorn, Acorn knowledge base and supporting products (Paycheck, Retail Footprint), used in combination with our own datasets, increase the value we can get from our data and help us to understand in more depth the people behind the travel patterns.”

Rosalind O’Driscoll, Head of Policy Insight and Public Affairs – Transport for Greater Manchester

Read the case study

You can access and download the full case study here. If you have any questions or want to learn more about CACI’s solutions, please get in touch with us.