Circle Case study

How CACI’s optimisation software gave Agrovista a 10/10 experience

Planning efficient routes that adhered to all of Agrovista’s unique constraints

About Agrovista

When Agrovista, a leading supplier of agronomy advice, farming services and seed and crop protection products, wished to grow but faced unpredictable challenges when trying to do so, it became clear that data and technology would be crucial in supporting their growth ambitions. Agrovista delivers agronomic potential to their customers by helping them manage their operations more efficiently and profitably. To do this, they supply the following services:

  1. As specialists from the business who visit farms to assess disease pressure, weeds, infestations and nutrient deficiencies to increase the yield.
  2. As logistics and support teams that focus on the delivery of the solutions to any problems that arise in the specialists support stage, such as the provision of pesticides or nutrients.

The Challenge

  • Fulfilling all customers’ orders. Agrovista’s operations team wanted to further improve service levels and interactions with customers without losing that focus on core business functions.
  • Agrovista’s planning team was not familiar with route optimisation software. The business was also keen to avoid major changes for the team.
  • Agrovista needed to find a way to efficiently ship products out from their 20 depots across the country, which was particularly difficult in rural areas.

The Solution

Agrovista invested in CACI’s route optimisation software. This software was used to plan routes that met Agrovista’s business constraints, including a same-day delivery requirement. The implementation took advantage of the flexible integration options offered by the software, embedding it within Agrovista’s existing systems and automating the route creation process. This meant that compliant and efficient routes were pre-created for the planning team, all within software that they were familiar with.

The Benefits

The newly automated process for route optimisation helped Agrovista achieve several goals, including:

  • Planning efficient routes that adhered to all of Agrovista’s unique constraints. This allowed Agrovista to deliver all orders on time, keeping their customers happy and minimising costs.
  • Making software changes with minimal disruption to staff and the wider business.
  • Increasing the time-efficiency of the planning and operations teams.
  • Simplifying processes, allowing them to re-focus efforts on the core business.

As one of their top trusted suppliers, CACI’s reactivity and proactivity helped the business achieve their cost-reduction and route optimisation goals and will continue to support their rapid expansion strategically, effectively and at cost. Agrovista was impressed with CACI’s people, systems and processes, scoring CACI a 10/10 for their overall partnership experience. Going forward, Agrovista is actively looking to grow their relationship by adding other products and services from CACI’s logistics portfolio.

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