Circle Case study

CACI brings data to life for Certas Energy

Map-based data visualisation with CACI's Geoxploit suite gives Certas Energy a clearer view of sales performance and market trends

The challenge

Certas Energy, the UK’s largest fuel distributor to consumers and industry needed mapping that is in tune with the times, and they were keen to work with a partner who not only offered the software they wanted, but would also provide training and ongoing support to ensure they get the optimum benefit from their investment.

The Solution

The company reports a dramatic improvement in the ability to plot and analyse sales performance and trends visually since starting to use the Geoxploit suite from digital mapping and geospatial data specialist allmapdata from CACI.

Geoxploit, a cost-effective, powerful and easy-to-use mapping analysis tool, has been created by allmapdata to give users a flying start in performing striking and meaningful location-based analysis. At its core is Geoconcept, one of the world’s most widely used geographic information systems. This is backed by a selected range of data that makes possible a variety of key analytical processes out of the box, along with a variety of pre-configured analytical processes.

The benefits

Geoxploit makes it really easy to import our own data,” says Samuel Bradford. “Inevitably there were initial challenges, but a day’s training at allmapdata got us going, and since then the allmpadata team has been endlessly supportive. Nothing seems to be too much trouble for them.”

He says Geoxploit’s visualisation capability is invaluable in building internal presentations, helping both with tactical decision-making and in planning and formulating policy. Results of analysis can be colour-coded or otherwise differentiated on a map in ways that are much quicker to assimilate than columns of figures.

For example, we can analyse the way different fuel types are selling in different parts of the country. We can plot areas where our sales volumes are changing, either looking across the whole business or focusing on different product types. We can drill right down to postcode area level to check whether sales performance is mirroring our strategy, or whether we need to modify it.”

Such has been the impact of Geoxploit’s visualisation capability, Samuel says, that it has raised the level of expectation within the company.

Geoxploit’s ability to present data in a map-based context really brings it to life. We’ve never had access to this kind of visualisation before. It’s so much easier to convey growth or change in market performance vividly on a map than in text and figures

Samuel Bradford, Marketing Analyst at Certas Energy