Postal Points and Geocoders

Add geographic co-ordinates to your data so that you can undertake mapping analysis or use it in spatial queries

Geocoding is the process of adding geographic co-ordinates to your data so that you can undertake mapping analysis or use it in spatial queries. Geocoded customer data may be geocoded to be used in home delivery routing or used market analysis mapping. You may also need to geocode your own warehouses, stores or engineer home locations so you can create catchments and territories around these points or maybe start or finish routes at these locations.

CACI have a wide range of point files at full address (premise), postcode or zipcode, or administrative area level to be used in your own application. Alternatively we can provide a geocoding service for you or provide an application that enables you to upload your own point file to the hosted service, which will then add and return co-ordinates automatically.

UK Postcode Sector District & Area Points

UK Postcode Sector, District & Area Points with additional attributes stating the number of delivery points in each area. Counts of delivery points are particularly useful for door drop delivery round management.


AddressBase has over 34 million premise level addresses with many detailed attributes. For example, it identifies individual households that share an address, as well as distinguishing between offices and factories for example. Historical, alternative and provisional addresses are included and the positional accuracy is accurate to the exact building, making deliveries more efficient.

AddressAnalytix - GB

AddressAnalytix Home Delivery is an enhanced premise-level database for Great Britain which provides details of every address including extra information specifically designed to be useful for planning home delivery applications. Includes premise type (e.g flat, detached, etc) an indication of whether a property is on a red route, meaning that you cannot stop outside.

Postcode Address File (PAF)

The Postcode Address File (PAF) contains over 29 million delivery addresses including details of UK residential and business locations. Useful for address validation and generating mailing lists or addresses for leaflet drops.

Unit Postcode Points (UK) with Extra Attributes

The Unit Postcode Points geocoding file provides a target accuracy to within 1m of the address closest to the centre of the postcode. Many different additional attributes available indicating more information about the postcode such as whether on a red route, which county it lies within, the height above sea level, the number of delivery points in the postcode, nearest rail station, whether there are flats and high rise buildings etc.

Global Geocoder

CACI Global Geocoder is a standalone global geocoding tool that uses the power of the HERE global geocoding api in an easy-to-use interface. CACI Global Geocoder is an out-of-box solution that can geocode batches of addresses anywhere in the world to building level accuracy, simply by importing an Excel file. Once geocoded, the results are displayed on a web map for validation and then can be exported into a variety of formats for use in other applications.

UK Neighbouring Postcode Look-Up

This table of UK neighbouring postcodes cross-references each postcode with all the adjacent postcodes and vertical streets so you can make spatial decisions without needing to map the data. Ideal for use in business intelligence, territory management and logistics planning.


Eircode Irish Postcodes

The Eircode Irish Postcodes point file is used to precisely geocode your data in Eire. Every postal address is located and addresses included in a standard format with a unique reference number for each of the 2 million plus addresses including English and Irish spellings. Coordinates are provided at premise level to precisely locate an address.

Global Postcode Centroids

The Global Postcode Centroids file provides a range of postcode and admin area centroid points so you can geocode your own data across the world. Different countries have different sizes and levels of postcodes and some countries don’t use postcodes at all, however CACI can advise you of the best solution for your requirements.

Channel Islands Postcode Centroids file

Postcode centroid database locates the geographical centre of every postcode in Guernsey and Jersey. Highly useful tool in geocoding your own postcode datasets, create drive-time matrices or catchment models. Coordinates are provided at 1m accuracy to the centroid, to allow easy comparison with other UK postcode data.

Address Gazetteer - Isle of Man

This premise-level address geocoding file to assign coordinates to your own Isle of Man address or postcode data. The database includes the full address and property type, address status and an indication of whether the address can receive mail.


Postcode Centroid Database - Isle of Man

This precise geocoding file provides geographical cooordinates for every unit postcode on the Isle of Man. Coordinates are provided at 1m accuracy to the centroid, to allow easy comparison with other UK postcode data.


Northern Ireland Address Points

The Northern Ireland Geocoding Points file is used to precisely geocode your data in Northern Ireland at premise level. Every residential, business and public postal address in Northern Ireland is provided as well as building classification, address status and premise level coordinates.

Global Point Addresses

This enhancement to HERE map content provides a point location for each property together with details of the road link which would be used to arrive at the property. There is also a field specifying on which side of the arrival link that the property lies. Initially automatically generated, these details are then field checked and there is a flag which specifies for each property whether or not it has been field verified. Where appropriate, a building name is also provided.