Road and street mapping data

CACI provide multiple road and street mapping data sets for use in your chosen mapping application. From cartographically styled raster maps to detailed vector maps and online web maps, we have a range of solutions for every application.


Routable Streets

Detailed routable street vector mapping for 100s of countries across the world. Available with a comprehensive choice of navigational detail, including achievable speed ranges, driving restrictions (e.g. one way streets, access restrictions, toll booths etc.) and information about the type of vehicle (e.g. bus, car, taxi or pedestrian) to which these restrictions apply. This routable streets digital map data also includes cartographic details such as rivers, towns and counties together with points of interest and detailed address range information.

AMD National Mapping, GB

This highly detailed, multi-featured vector dataset for the whole of Great Britain is ideal for use in a range of geo-spatial applications, from catchment area calculation to customised backdrop mapping. CACI have assigned speed values to each stretch of road and street, ensuring that you can use the dataset to create realistic drive-time isochrones, or routing as part of detailed routing and scheduling for commercial logistics operations.

Global mapping

Vector maps at 1:1 million scale mapping for the entire world with up to date political entities, coastlines, international borders, some first level administrative borders, time zones (with Daylight Saving Time information) and over 850,000 named places with urban sprawls.

Detailed GB Maps

OS MasterMap is the most precise and detailed data set from Great Britain’s national mapping agency, Ordnance Survey. It includes over 450 million features and offers detailed address information, road network data and full topographical details of land area classifications; buildings; roads, tracks and paths; rail; water; terrain and height; heritage and antiquities; structures; and administrative boundaries.