ESG Score

Consumer attitudes towards Environmental, Social and Governance issues

As consumers become more concerned about their environmental impact, demanding higher standards of sustainability and employment practices from the businesses they interact with companies are rising to the challenge to improve their environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) credentials.

Being able to identify those consumers who are most concerned about ESG issues can enable companies to develop appropriate products and propositions which resonate with consumers and justifies investment in these areas.

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What is the ESG Score?

CACI have developed an ESG scorecard to drill into each aspect of how important environmental, social and governance issues are to individuals, enabling companies to assess both their current and potential customer base and act accordingly.

We have built a series of individual level propensity models based on market research questions about consumers attitudes towards the following:

  • Environmental factors such as climate change and pollution
  • Social matters around community and social concerns and human capital
  • Governance issues around workplace practices such as executive pay and ethics

The product contains four propensities, one for each of the individual aspects of ESG and one unified score to summarise an individual’s affiliation to all the values encompassed by ESG.

These probabilities relate to how important each of these aspects are and can be provided at individual level coded onto your customer base, as well as aggregated to address or postcode level.