Business Locations and POIs

Geocoded points of interest (POIs) and business location datasets

Geocoded points of interest (POIs) and business location datasets can be mapped to identify B2B prospects, competitors or business generators. For example, cinemas are customers for ice-cream companies, competitors to bowling alleys and business generators for fast food restaurants. Many of the POIs include important attribute information that can help you to understand the market more clearly, providing insight into the numbers of students at universities, retail floor-space or footfall in rail stations. Choose from comprehensive business universe data sets or specialist subsets based on area or business classification code.

International Business Points (POIs)

This international business database is available for many countries and is very comprehensive. The data is collected directly from businesses and combined with details from Companies House (or similar bodies in other countries) to create a complete and up-to-date dataset. Each business is classified by industry type and contains company names and addresses that can be geocoded for further geographic analysis.

GB Points of interest

Points of Interest in Great Britain that are precisely geocoded to a location within the footprint of the feature wherever possible. Whether you need locations of cash machines, petrol stations, pubs & bars, railway stations or supermarkets, this data set will provide the locations you need.