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Data & Privacy
Protection and privacy of your data

CACI is all about data and technology. We store lots of data about people and businesses, which we use to build products and services that make their experiences and businesses better.

We are committed to being transparent, so you will find in detail on these pages information regarding the data we hold and how we use it. Through simplified and easy language we will explain how you can find out what data we hold which relates to you, and what your rights are in relation to it whether you are a consumer, prospective business or partner we work with.

How CACI protects and uses personal information that has been collected from you and what your rights are.
Your rights in relation to B2B marketing information; your privacy, personal data and how CACI stores, processes and protects it.
CACI provides a range of data services and some of these services use personal data. Read more to learn about it.
The Policy explains what cookies are, details their purpose and how CACI uses them and similar technologies.
Agreements that ensure that all parties involved are properly handling personal data.
How to contact CACI in relation to the personal data we hold of you.