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The Challenge

McDonald’s is the epitome of global brands and is the leading international foodservice retailer with more than 35,000 restaurants serving nearly 70 million people in more than 100 countries each day.
McDonald’s Finland needed a market review of downtown Helsinki to refine their local strategy. The complexity of the Helsinki market meant that McDonald’s needed a partner who uses ‘on the ground’ auditing, sector experience along with market leading desk based location planning analysis.

The Solution

They engaged CACI to carry out a study to understand their restaurant property strategy, market capacity of restaurants and the areas of greatest potential in downtown Helsinki. CACI was selected thanks to their extensive experience on a global scale carrying out solutions in over 45 countries worldwide.
CACI leisure consultancy already supports the company in their location strategy in multiple countries. The analysis and research used CACI’s unique international product, Retail Markets. An extensive pan European retail venue catchment model which covers 32 European countries and defines catchments for almost 6,000 markets. The solution required the analysis of the existing restaurant market locations across Finland and relates their performance to the markets they operate in. It was imperative that to gain an accurate understanding of existing restaurant performance and therefore area opportunities in Helsinki, that the desk based research was supported by an ‘on-the-ground’ understanding of the city. 
Therefore CACI location planning analysts visited and completed an audit of the city as part of the analysis process, in order to understand the existing restaurant performance, their locations and see first-hand the potential of different trade areas.

The Results

This combination of desk based analysis using the most up to date, unique and detailed data for Helsinki & Finland, along with sophisticated techniques and ‘on-the-ground’ learnings enables CACI to provide McDonald’s with the best support to make informed investment decisions and a successful property strategy.

Further information

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“CACI’s leisure team’s understanding of the international restaurant industry and markets along with their unique models, consultancy and analytical techniques means we have a report that enables us to move our property strategy forward with confidence. ”

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A market review to refine their local strategy