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Strategic Market Entry and Sales Forecasting

Hunkemöller, the providers of body fashion to make you feel comfortable and confident, originating from the Netherlands worked with CACI to make strategic decisions.

The Challenge

As Hunkemöller continues to expand across Europe, the new business, finance and property teams wanted to understand the overall market potential, identify white spots and improve sales forecasting for new stores. The first markets were Germany, Sweden, Austria and Spain.

With over 700 stores across Europe, Hunkemöller wanted to evolve the new site selection process and create efficiencies through standardisation.

The Solution

CACI conducted a market capacity assessment for Austria, Germany, Sweden and Spain to help prioritise their expansion across selected countries in Europe.

CACI developed a sales forecasting model and reporting tool to support the rapid growth and expansion decisions. This has assisted in the evolution of an efficient and accurate IP process across the estate.

The Results

This analysis allowed Hunkemöller to gain an in depth understanding of the current landscape and to make informed decisions.

They have been able to integrate this data into their IP process reducing time between conception and delivery of a new offer.

Further information

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"CACI helps us to create a better understanding of the markets we operate in, which enables us to identify new opportunities."

Marc van Maris - Director of Strategy, Business Development & Expansion, Hunkemöller
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Strategic Market Entry and Sales Forecasting