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Better understanding golfers using demographic segmentation and market analysis

The Challenge

England Golf; a governing body for amateur golf, approached CACI to provide them with demographic insights and to help it identify preferred marketing channels of golfers. Their objective is to inspire people into lifelong involvement with the game through encouraging new golfers and increasing interest and participation.

The Solution

Using InSite CACI were able to match England Golf's eight golfing classifications with the most appropriate Acorn categories and analyse the catchments of their golf clubs to understand the demographics of near by golfers and how to engage with them. This bespoke Acorn segmentation enabled England Golf to establish a holistic view of it’s customers through a qualitative and new geographical lens.

The Results

England Golf now has a usable golfing segmentation, developed in consultation with CACI, that provides a detailed account of golfers and their marketing preferences. This segmentation enables England Golf to understand the best way to communicate with golfers and potential golfers. 

Further information

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“CACI have supported England Golf in extracting and utilising various elements from the Acorn profiles within our golf specific player segmentation.  We now have sport specific profiles that are complemented by practical tips on marketing behaviours and preferences.  Our CACI reports are now also tailored to our golf profiles, which makes it easier for clubs to understand their existing and potential membership in a golfing context.” 

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Better understanding golfers using demographic segmentation and market analysis