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How DLG completed a Fast, Efficient and Secure Migration to New Infrastructure with CACI Network Services

When Direct Line Group (DLG) separated from the Royal Bank of Scotland, it needed to migrate all its services and digital assets to a new infrastructure securely, efficiently, and most importantly, against the clock.

CACI were selected to be one of the key suppliers to assist with the build of the iSNP (Interim Secure Network Perimeter) – a mission critical piece of security infrastructure which allowed for RBS hosted applications to continue to be consumed by 12,000 DLG employees (including RBS desktops) and allow for data to be transferred as part of the migration activity between RBS and the new DLG data centres.

CACI provided a dedicated Network Services team to assist with the migration. Completing it swiftly, securely and within budget – laying the foundation for a bright digital future and forging a lasting relationship with CACI that continues to this day.


Separation anxiety

When Direct Line Group (DLG) separated from the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), it marked the beginning of a new era for the insurance provider.
But before the company could begin operating independently, it had a major technical hurdle to overcome – establishing its own IT estate. This meant migrating critical data & services from the infrastructure it previously shared with RBS.

“A migration of this scope represents some serious risks.”

To make matters even more complex, DLG was tasked with doing this all against the clock. Following the separation of the two institutions, RBS gave DLG a finite time to migrate from its shared infrastructure – after which point, the group would be charged significantly for its use.


Against the clock: Migrating quickly, securely and cost-effectively

Major network migrations are rarely simple. But when you’re a financial services company with primarily digital operations, a migration of this scope represents some serious risks.

Firstly, the migration had to be executed in an extremely secure way, so that data and services remained as secure as possible in transit. Secondly, there had to be a secure new environment waiting for DLG’s data and services. Finally, the whole process had to be completed with minimal disruption, as each minute of downtime could potentially cost hundreds of thousands of pounds in lost revenue.

“This was the beginning of a new era for the company, so the technology had to be right”

On top of those challenges, the migration also had to lay the foundation for future success. From start to finish, the process had to be cost-effective and fast – but a simple quick fix wasn’t an option. This was the beginning of a new era for DLG and the technology foundation it established would play a huge role in determining how successful that era was going to be.



Total network support

To help meet DLG’s immediate need, the CACI Network Services team built a team of 8 highly skilled Network Engineers, Consultants and Service Delivery Managers to help the company complete its ambitious migration strategy. The underlying technologies would be Routing and Switching, Security and Load Balancing across Cisco, Fortinet and F5.

“Seamless migration of users & services to the new environment”

After DLG’s new infrastructure was implemented, the CACI team supported the seamless migration of users and services into the new environment. The CACI service team then remained within the company to resolve any potential issues with the network infrastructure and provide all the specialist network skills needed to succeed.


The outcome: A fast, secure migration – and a lasting relationship

The result was total success for DLG. The migration was carried out in the desired time frame and the new infrastructure and migration process met the company’s demands. Most importantly, downtime was kept to an absolute minimum.

“Against the clock (and the odds) the entire project was a resounding success.”

It laid the foundation for a faster, smarter future for DLG. It also laid the foundation for a valuable ongoing relationship between the company and CACI. CACI experts remain inside DLG providing direct support and helping to manage the organisation’s infrastructure. What’s more, CACI have engaged with other business units within DLG, delivering exciting new projects and helping the insurance provider do and achieve more.


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How the Leading Insurance Company, Direct Line Group completed a Fast, Efficient, and Secure Migration to New Infrastructure with CACI Network Services

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