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Benchmarking and performance monitoring

The Challenge

Traditionally British Land was not a significant investor in research, however as the retail landscape evolved British Land wanted to understand who their centre customer was and how their portfolio was being shopped. The challenge was to build up a body of research that would provide this insight in a short period of time.

The Solution

CACI worked with British Land to develop a solution that provided a bespoke research programme that dealt directly with the issues that British Land were facing. This included building a bespoke question set to be asked in exit surveys in each centre that focussed specifically on the core issues facing the portfolio, whilst also tailoring the questions for each centre to reflect local issues and challenges.
The research program has covered over 75 surveys across over 40 centres in the last year and has delivered insight across the spectrum of the British Land property management team, key stakeholders include asset management, centre management, leasing agents, marketing, facilities management, the development team and the British Land board.
Alongside the exit survey CACI and British Land also worked in partnership to develop a wider strategic context for the research, understanding where the British Land portfolio sat in relation to the rest of the UK and identifying brands and leasing strategies that best positioned the portfolio to meet customer needs.

The Results

British Land now has a research base to inform all asset management decisions and a much deeper understanding of their customers. This informs the leasing strategy across the portfolio, the future-proofing of the estate and decisions on where to focus investment and target growth.

Further information

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"Gathering and understanding the facts on who our shoppers are, and how they shop our broad portfolio is key to informed decision making in all aspects of our business. CACI is providing a range of tools and services to give us the information we need."

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Benchmarking and performance monitoring