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Analysing data to map local activity

The Challenge

British Heart Foundation (BHF) wanted to analyse their own data to monitor and map local activity. The aim was to understand where vulnerable groups live in the UK in order to work with local organisations to promote heart health.

The Solution

BHF uses CACI's specialist geographic information system (GIS) InSite to import, analyse and map their own data, before sharing the outputs across the BHF and their partners. InSite includes Acorn and Wellbeing Acorn to identify health disadvantaged and vulnerable communities so that they can approach local stakeholders with relevant, data driven initiatives

The Results

InSite gives BHF detailed knowledge of their local activity, spearheaded through their defibrillator provision. Maps from InSite are communicated across the BHF, and the InSite analysis has become a key element in discussions with local stakeholders and partners. Reporting, driven by CACI data, delivers intelligence on local populations and their propensities to require community and/or healthcare initiatives and assistance. BHF uses this information to approach stakeholders and drive local activity to improve heart health. Some examples of how our data has enabled this includes finding communities with high smoking prevalence, and also identifying towns where fundraising could be expanded.

Further information

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"InSite has quickly become a vital tool for the BHF, helping us to get a better understanding of where our local activities are located, as well as identifying where opportunities and health needs are in the UK. The mapping capabilities are excellent and being able to tailor output for colleagues and stakeholders is fantastic for us." 

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Analysing data to map local activity