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How British Gas streamlined their forecasting

British Gas is the UK’s biggest energy and home services provider. Due to this scale, planning teams deal with a wide range of different forecasting requirements. British Gas’ central planning team is spread among multiple locations across the country, and needed a shared, consistent and streamlined way to approach their forecasting.

The Challenge

British Gas was looking to improve their demand forecasts across different areas of their organisation, including contact centres and field force planning. Customer demand drivers can mean a volatile demand position, therefore forecasting accuracy is key to ensure appropriate resource levels.

  • Forecasting within Excel was time-consuming, and the models were often inaccurate
  • Multiple methodologies were being employed by multiple teams across the business including Excel, SAS and R, leading to inconsistent processes and results
  • IT resources were limited so integration of any tool needed to be simple and straightforward

The Solution

  • British Gas implemented CACI Forecaster, opting for multiple licenses across their forecasting teams, to provide consistent, automated and accurate forecasts
  • This decision was based on the convincing performance and process gains demonstrated by CACI in a proof of concept project. This short piece of work was run on some of the most relevant British Gas forecast lines, showcasing how the tool could automatically generate accurate forecasts whilst learning the effects of business drivers
  • This tool’s highly intuitive interface made it possible for all team members, even occasional users, to use a wide range of machine learning techniques
  • CACI provided initial and on-going training and consultancy to upskill all team members, help instil a shared vocabulary and approach across the team, and continue to ensure the team drives as much value as possible value from their demand forecasting process

The Results

  • “Our forecasts are in the best position they’ve been in for a significant amount of time” - Prashant Asher, Head of Forecasting, British Gas
  • Each analyst saves on average five hours every week, often spending around 25% less time using Microsoft Excel. This time saving has enabled analysts to focus on understanding and improving forecasts, rather than on the low-level mechanics of copying and pasting. This has also freed up time to investigate other business areas
  • Improvements were seen in the majority of forecasting areas in first quarter alone

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How British Gas streamlined their forecasting for huge efficiency gains.

British Gas