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Minimising risks, maximising returns

The Challenge

Brasserie Bar Co operates within the premium casual drinking and dining market in the U.K.
The group comprises two core formats: Brasserie Blanc, the French brasserie business inspired by Raymond Blanc, and the White Brasserie Company, a quality pub dining business blending the standards of Brasserie Blanc in local settings in the south of England.
CACI analysed a particular site for Brasserie Bar Co to explore whether the opportunity justified the capital expenditure and deal being offered.

The Solution

CACI looked at an extensive range of micro locational factors including local workers and residents, public transport accessibility levels, commuter and passenger numbers, accurate worker and tourism expenditure from CACI’s unique Retail Dimensions models and competitor provision, among many other local and market factors.
CACI then benchmarked this against similar restaurants within the portfolio to assess the site and used their expert views on the casual dining market to summarise the strength of the opportunity.

The Results

CACI then presented their recommendations back to Raymond Blanc and the Brasserie Bar Co board to support them in their investment decision.

Further information

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"This was the first time we engaged CACI’s leisure consultancy services and we now see why they work with a majority of major restaurant operators. Their recommendations to the board put science behind our site selection and gave us the confidence to move forward with the substantial investment."

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Minimising risks, maximising returns through our Retail Dimensions model