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Bidfood First for Foodservice is the UK’s leading foodservice company, with sales of over £2.3 billion a year. Delivering quality ingredients, finished products and equipment to the catering industry, and employ over 6,000 people across the UK, including a field sales team of over 200 field-based account managers.


The Challenge

Bidfood has always aimed to deliver world-class service to their customers.

In fact, over 25 years ago Bidfood identified that their field sales team were not spending enough time face-to-face with their customers because of the excessive amount of time they were spending travelling, and also that some business managers were working a lot harder than others.

This was not surprising, given that their previous territory planning was a manual process involving sales managers studying paper postcode maps, to decide how to allocate territories. This process was time-consuming to undertake, and did not utilise the road network, which meant business managers were driving too many miles rather than driving sales.

bidfood challenge

The Solution

Back in 1991, desktop software solutions for optimising field teams were still in their infancy, but Bidfood decided that huge efficiency gains were possible if only they could find a solution to cut travel time. CACI, just as they are today, were the market leaders in getting Business Managers to drive less and call more.

Bidfood initially opted to improve service through efficiency gains using CACI’s consultancy team, but have since adopted CACI’s territory optimisation software, InSite FieldForce, as a core part of their business infrastructure. InSite FieldForce is used in a variety of ways at Bidfood – for creating territory maps to help inform reps about their patch, for ad hoc fine-tuning of territories over time, and for full-blown national reorganisations.

bidfood solution

The Results

Bidfood continues to place as much importance in providing great service to its customers through the sales force as it did, in 1991, at the start of its partnership with CACI.

InSite FieldForce is seen as a key tool to help continue delivery of outstanding customer service because of its power to automatically create compact, drivetime efficient territories with equitable workloads, and to deliver the results in a fraction of the manual alternative. Being able to identify where to recruit for vacant territories also enables Bidfood to incrementally improve efficiency when recruitment takes place. All of these factors ensure Bidfood can reduce travel costs and maximise sales opportunities – a sure-fire recipe for success!

bidfood results

Further information

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We have a range of solutions that can help you optimise your field force, including CallSmart and InSite FieldForce.

"The information and outputs from CACI software now form a crucial part of the field sales manager’s armoury. They deliver real tangible benefits to our customer focused sales teams as well as our all-important end user free trade customers."

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Bidfood improves territory planning to deliver leading service

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