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How Anglian Water moved beyond Excel for Forecasting success

Anglian Water needed a way to produce customer calling and handle time forecasts for the billing, operations and debt recovery departments, and for over 400 back office workflows in a simple, easy to use way that didn’t require a high level of technical forecasting knowledge. Their objective was to become a Frontier forecasting department.


The Challenge

  • The forecasting team at Anglian Water was heavily reliant on forecasting in Excel, which required a high level of technical knowledge, offered limited models on what the business needed to forecast and provided no flexibility on inputting new drivers to provide the business the relevant insight
  • Several internal teams that deal with customer calls relating to billing, metering and debt recovery and they needed a way to determine how many calls they would receive in the future 
  • With over 400 back office workstreams the forecasting team also needed a way to save time to enable the operational team to concentrate on high value workstreams
  • A limited number of people could produce a forecast and when it was produced, it was not agile
  • Goal to be a Frontier forecasting department 

The Solution

  • Accessibility – a tool that was easy to use, allowing anyone to produce a forecast and deploy different models
  • Agility – leading algorithms for forecast production at the touch of a button and can easily handle variations to forecasting dates or business drivers
  • Transparency – easy to interpret graphical outputs of forecasting results allowing the user to see quickly if a forecast is viable or needs further refinement
  • Compatibility – simple to export and import data making it easy to transition data to other software
  • Support - easy to install application that avoided complex IT integration and support 

The Results

  • Significant time and cost savings are continually being achieved by compared with excel based forecasting
  • Forecasting team output has risen by 20%
  • During volatile periods, including a 30% decrease in average weekly call volumes from 2013 to 2017, Forecaster has improved accuracy from 6.2% (2013) to 5.7% (2017) 
  • More time now available for employees to be trained on what makes a good forecast rather than on technical system builds 
  • The team at Anglian Water have been assessed by Forum Standards Benchmarking and were identified as one of the leading organisations, with forecasting particularly highlighted as ‘very strong’

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Anglian Water needed a way to produce forecasts for several departments in a simple, easy to use way that didn’t require technical forecasting knowledge.

Anglian Water