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Four ways to integrate the Adobe Experience Cloud

Thursday 27 April 2017 Adobe

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By Kandyce Tester
One of the strengths of Adobe Campaign compared to other CRM solutions is the way it slots so seamlessly into the other parts of the Adobe Experience Cloud – both the core services and the other applications – many of which are already key tools for our clients.
Lining up Adobe Campaign with your other software is a powerful way to leverage your CRM data and to further enrich it – providing valuable customer insight. 
Here’s a quick guide to some popular ways to get the most out of Adobe Campaign by integrating it with other Adobe Experience Cloud applications.

1. Adobe Analytics + Adobe Campaign = Better Conversion and Reporting

Using web analytics software has become standard for anyone looking to optimise their customers’ experience online. The ability to understand how your customers interact with you online is key to running a successful test-and-learn and cross-channel personalisation.
In a survey we ran in 2017, we found that at least 50% of brands using Adobe Campaign are also running Adobe Analytics. Here are three use cases that we have delivered for clients to improve conversion: 
  1. Behavioural data from Analytics into Campaign to drive automation and personalisation
  2. Conversion data from Analytics into Campaign to power real-time campaign optimisation
  3. CRM segments via link tracking into Analytics to power segment-level behavioural analysis

2. Adobe Target + Adobe Campaign = More Conversions

Tailor your customer’s experience to their context – say, their device and the time of day – and they’re naturally more likely to convert. Use your CRM data to add further depth to the picture, and it’s a powerful combination. 
But plug in Adobe Campaign, and you can do more. Leveraging online behavioural data enables experiences to be personalised in real-time – improving relevance and therefore engagement. And the more detailed your picture of the customer, the easier marketing attribution becomes – so you know where to spend your next marketing pound for the best return. 

3. Adobe Audience Manager + Adobe Campaign = Reduced CPA and Increased Retention

Integrate Adobe Campaign with the Adobe Audience Manager DMP and you’ll open up all kinds of customer acquisition opportunities – like finding much more detailed lookalike audiences and meaningful segmentation. You can also make your retargeting far more nuanced and avoid advertising to recent purchasers, dissatisfied customers and low-value opportunities. 
It is also possible to use this connection to take your CRM programme into display channels and target existing customers with repeat purchase and retention campaigns. CACI has seen significant improvements in performance of CRM programmes through integration with acquisition channels.

4. Adobe Experience Manager + Adobe Campaign = Content Efficiency

With so much content being produced, it’s sometimes difficult to keep track of everything – and that means budget gets wasted. Adobe Experience Manager allows users to accelerate the creation and delivery of digital content across channels. And by combining content authoring and asset management in a single environment, everything’s under control.
Add in Adobe Campaign, and you can match the best content to the most relevant contacts – so you make more of your assets, more often.


Integration is a journey. Where would you like to go?

Our friends at Adobe tell us that adopting Adobe Marketing Cloud is a journey. As new ideas and use cases emerge, teams like web, campaigns and reporting climb out of their siloes, and are encouraged to interact, because they’re working with common data.
There are challenges with any change, but having a clear vision of the outcome you’re aiming for is an important start. And as integration becomes more natural, you’ll begin to find the seamless connection between platforms make it easier to manage each customer’s journey, from end to end.



Here’s a quick guide to some popular ways to get the most out of Adobe Campaign by integrating it with other Adobe Experience Cloud applications.

Four ways to integrate the Adobe Experience Cloud


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