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Four valuable lessons to support your government department's journey to the cloud

Wednesday 20 November 2019

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By Mark Gale

If you are on a cloud journey, or about to embark on one, you'll understand the importance of selecting the right supplier that fits the needs of your organisation.

Here at CACI Information Intelligence, one of our core capabilities we are renowned for is Cloud Development. We have developed Secure Cloud Native Applications on various cloud platforms including AWS and Azure; applying Cloud Security Principles, Serverless Technologies, Containerisation and Application Modernisation.

We are proud to have supported a range of government departments on their journey to the Cloud, including the MoD’s Information Systems & Services (ISS) organisation, the Met Office and Highways England. I thought I would share some valuable lessons we have learnt in order to help your organisation in its journey to the Cloud.


1. Look beyond a simple migration

The cloud isn’t simply servers in someone else’s cupboard. It provides far more than the ability to just lift-tinker-and shift a few virtual machines. This means that it can feel like an impenetrable and overwhelming set of everchanging services so analysing and planning one single approach or strategy can often paralyse even the simplest of organisations.

To avoid the resulting delay in benefits and opportunities that comes with just focussing on a simple migration, look ahead to what the next steps are and start the planning for these as soon as you can.


2. Start with something important but not mission critical

As the proverb goes, every journey begins with a single step. Start with something important but not mission critical; experiment, learn, iterate and then scale. Don’t wait to unearth decades of archaeological I.T. evidence to inform a grand migration plan. Use these first steps as a pipe cleaning exercise for discovering all the other business change challenges such as Security, Legal and Commercial considerations, DevOps, Training and Talent. 


3. Aim for a hypothesis driven engineering culture

Create a sandbox; a safe space for hands-on, non-production proof of concepts and innovation. Furthermore, encourage knowledge sharing and continual collaboration on common resources such as infrastructure and pipelines as code. We have seen greater acceleration of sustainable cloud adoption in organisations that embrace transparency and validated organisational learning. A prime example is the Met Office Space Weather forecast system where CACI has enabled enhanced cloud based collaboration between science and development teams. Further details on this can be found here.


4. Multidisciplinary problems require multidisciplinary solutions

AWS and Azure have some great resources, tooling and best practice at the click of a button. But technology is only part of the digital transformation challenge. A healthy dose of multidisciplinary pragmatism is what’s needed in a good agile delivery partner to jump start or bolster cloud success. CACI and Highways England follow this approach and have recently won the 2019 “Best Small to Medium Digital Project” at the Digital Technology Leaders Awards. You can read more about this project in this informative article in Highways magazine.


Let us help you with your journey too.

CACI Information Intelligence Group (IIG) is a trusted partner for UK Government and Industry to effectively deliver highly innovative, robust solutions for secure, reliable and integrated data management and analytics throughout an enterprise. CACI IIG’s cutting-edge software and professional services are built upon leading innovation, and the expertise of solutions our engineers and consultants.

If you interested in discussing how we can help your organisation with their journey to the cloud then you can contact us here or call us on +44 (0) 117 403 2200.

We list the top lessons we've learn't while helping government departments onto the cloud.

Four valuable lessons to support your government department's journey to the cloud


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