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Five Takeaways from CACI’s Snowflake for the CMO Webinar

Thursday 3 December 2020 Marketing Technology

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By David Sealey

CACI and Snowflake hosted a webinar on the benefits of marketers getting involved in Snowflake’s Data Cloud. Whilst real-time data infrastructure may sound like the focus of the techies, this webinar sets out the why and how of playing an active part in your data infrastructure.

I was fortunate as webinar host to be joined by Paul Coward of the RAC and Jon Ede who leads CACI’s Snowflake practice. As Strategy & Insight Director at the RAC, Paul has been heavily involved in their implementation of Snowflake to drive real-time marketing and insight capabilities. Jon has a wealth of experience in building customer and marketing data platforms, and was an early adopter of Snowflake’s technology.

Five Takeaways on Snowflake’s Data Cloud

  1. Failure to engage on data infrastructure may leave marketers with something that is not fit for use
  2. Data provides an edge for marketers who are seeking to continually optimise marketing activities
  3. Snowflake enables marketers and IT teams to quickly deliver high value insights
  4. Optimised marketing comes from a continual cycle of using data to hypothesise, test, measure, learn and improve
  5. The frictionless data infrastructure that Snowflake delivers connects all the data in your organisation straight to the customer

The above slide from the event shows how Data Agility feeds a continual cycle of marketing optimisation.

Enabling your Marketing Data Transformation

CACI is here to help marketers do amazing things with data. Whether that’s building a Single Customer View, creating clean data feeds for your marketing technology, or augmenting your customer data with demographics and lifestyle variables. There’s a host of technology, consulting and data science work that we can do to improve your marketing results.

If you’d like to see a recording of the event please get in touch!

We will soon be releasing the CMO’s Playbook for Snowflake, if you’d like to register for a copy of that in advance, please contact me with your details!


Five Takeaways from CACI’s Snowflake for the CMO Webinar