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“Enrichments or Change Dimensions”- Harnessing the power of your marketing technology!

Friday 24 January 2020 Digital MarketingMarketing TechnologyOmni-Channel

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By Laura Scamacca

As a marketer, you undoubtedly will have seen presentation after presentation depicting the never-ending expansion of new technologies and logos into an already overcrowded MarTech space.

Technology evolution seems to focus largely on giving marketers more flexibility through the provision of more functionality, but the question that we are most often asked by clients is simply ‘does this platform really add value’?

Through auditing how technologies are being used, a common theme arises - they are hardly ever used to their fullest potential. The breadth of capabilities can be overwhelming, and users tend to restrict themselves to the small number of features which are used most regularly.

Unleashing the true power of any platform requires confidence, which comes from training and practice in an environment which is relevant for your business.

Getting the most from Adobe Campaign

A dominant presence in the MarTech space, Adobe Campaign has been named Leader by Gartner in the ‘Magic Quadrant for Multichannel Marketing Hubs’. Its digital marketing capabilities enable businesses to build flexible and tailored marketing solutions to suit every stage of the customer lifecycle.

Utilising the user-friendly drag and drop interface, companies can take advantage of the relational database model; evolving from communicating with customers using a single data source to multiple sources allowing for personalised, intelligent and relevant messaging.

Adobe Campaign’s strength lies in its relational data model. The out-of-the-box tables can be augmented with data and its user-friendly interface allows the creation of highly personalised digital campaigns without requiring knowledge of a programming language.

However, this flexibility comes at a price. Given that there are multiple ways to create a solution within the tool, concerns can arise such as:

  • What is the most efficient way of building my campaign?
  • When should I use certain features?
  • Why did the way in which I created my workflow not give me the results that I was expecting?

Unleashing the value from any platform requires a deep understanding of all features and functions to create the optimal setup. CACI's Adobe Campaign training  will do exactly that and equip you to get the best out of your tool.

Available in 3 levels (from beginner to advanced), the training takes you from a gentle introduction focusing on platform navigation, campaign creation, and how to create and configure an email delivery; through to multichannel campaigns, advanced marketing activities and A/B testing. All with a focus on best practice principles at every stage of the process.

Packed full of practical, hands-on exercises, our trainers will guide you through the tool, breaking down complex terminology and sharing hints and tips from real-life experiences using the tool.

If you want to know when to use “Enrichments” and “Change Dimensions”, get in touch!

The expansion of marketing technologies is seemingly never-ending and marketers hardly ever use them to their fullest potential. Discover how to unleash the true power of any platform.

“Enrichments or Change Dimensions”- Harnessing the power of your marketing technology!