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SocialScene Confidence and the Space Race

Consumers starting to see positives in their financial outlook.

Nielsen Harrap
Associate Partner, Leisure CACI

As the country heads into recovery, operators are taking stock of the last few years, while plans for new retail schemes are being dusted off and consumers are starting to see positives in their financial outlook.

The retail downturn has been well reported throughout the recession and while positive results are now becoming more common this doesn’t mask the fundamental changes happening now and in the future of the retail market. True omni-channel (i.e. all touch points of transaction & interaction) are changing the way consumers engage, from local community hubs to the out of town retail palaces, meaning the interaction and role of the physical location is changing. This in turn is resulting in a repositioning of our High Streets and shopping schemes. Destination ‘experiential trips’ along with ‘grab and go’ convenience are becoming more and more pronounced.