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Marketing Technology Landscape

What organisations need to know to make sense of an increasingly complex marketing technology ecosystem

David Sealey - Digital Strategy Partner
Integrated Marketing
In Summary:
In today’s marketplace it may appear that a single technology player can offer all the capabilities needed for an integrated customer experience. Our experience is that this is not true and that you’re far better off selecting appropriate technology from a range of vendors – even though this may require getting to grips with a complex marketing ecosystem.
In this paper, CACI will navigate you through the marketing technology landscape and provide a landscape – our Marketing Technology Landscape – for architecting your own solution. We’ll help you understand the importance of:
  • the right blend of technology;
  • the right data network;
  • solid integration.
The benefits of using the Marketing Technology Landscape to create an integrated customer experience are huge. They include increased customer spend, loyalty and satisfaction. Furthermore, the customer journey will be improved by good technology implementation.