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Tuesday 10 March 2020
Whether you describe it as currency or an asset, there’s no escaping the value of data to the financial services sector. Its an industry driven more by data than perhaps any other, making the impact of big data on these institutions hard to overestimate.
Tuesday 10 March 2020
Wrangling, sorting and managing data from thousands of disparate sources is all in a day’s work for a data engineer. Here, we look at how that chaos can become the future of tech.
Jon Whiteley's picture
BYJon Whiteley
Monday 9 March 2020
Accidents happen, but how can transport operators join together disparate dots in assessing the risks posed to their infrastructure?
BYMiles Reucroft
Friday 6 March 2020
On March the 3rd the UK government started to move from containing Coronavirus to delaying the inevitable, and we are preparing for a widespread outbreak across the UK.
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Wednesday 26 February 2020
The next digital decade is upon us, and the start of a decade brings about opportunities to reflect on what has been and look forward to what could be.
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BYLauren Mort
Wednesday 26 February 2020
The government has just announced £220 million of funding to help start a revolution in bus services.
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BYPaul Langston
Tuesday 25 February 2020
We recently conducted a survey with Surveys in Public Sector to ascertain how well public sector organisations structure and organise their mobile workforce. 77% of respondents said that their organisation struggles to plan and manage activities and resources associated with their mobile workforce.
BYMiles Reucroft
Monday 24 February 2020
Vulnerable Customers. Whether you are a highly regulated organisation and have CSR KPI's, obligations from your regulator, or you're just putting good practice in place; looking after vulnerable customers should be at the forefront of all your decisions.
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Monday 24 February 2020
From hackathons to pure inspiration, CACI Information Intelligence has honed a method to identify, test and adopt new technology for its clients. But how do we coax and nurture this creative side of software engineering? Tom Coote, Senior Software Engineer at CACI explains.
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BYThomas Coote