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Tuesday 27 October 2020
It can be hard to segment and understand your existing estate let alone find new locations to expand. Through using CACI’s Convenience Cluster data the first part of the puzzle is already solved.
Charlotte King's picture
BYCharlotte King
Friday 23 October 2020
Some interesting trends were already underway before Covid in our connection to place. Community, ‘Love local’, sustainability, interest and hyper-convenience were all coming through strongly in the lead up to lockdown.
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Friday 23 October 2020
Student finances have been something of a hot topic in the higher education industry ever since student tuition fees were raised in 2010.
BYMarcus Le Brocq
Friday 23 October 2020
We're pleased to announce our recent certification as a Snowflake Select Partner!
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BYDavid Sealey
Thursday 22 October 2020
As we have seen with the recent news around exams results, democratising student access to higher education is an important theme in the British educational landscape.
BYMarcus Le Brocq
Thursday 22 October 2020
Managing the Covid pandemic and its potential spread through university freshers’ week was a difficult challenge for universities.
BYMarcus Le Brocq
Monday 19 October 2020
Recently at CACI we’ve also been using seriously big data sets, derived from Mobile Apps, to understand how different Acorn demographic groups have responded to the various stages of the pandemic.
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BYPaul Langston
Friday 16 October 2020
How does any business, whatever their political leanings or views on the guidance over the last 6 months, plan their strategy for the coming year? How can they possibly use their wealth of experience to instruct their future approach, what data can they look at?
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Friday 2 October 2020
In the event of a system outage, how quickly does your system need to be back up and running? Feeding into your BCDR strategy, high availability can be tailored to your needs.
BYMiles Reucroft
Thursday 1 October 2020
As lockdown began, MOT testing stations closed & staff were placed on furlough, this meant millions of vehicles were unable to get tested. We’ve analysed the MOT records of 37,000,000 vehicles and found that we're near an MOT timebomb!
BYPaul Nash