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Five tips for driving innovation in your organisation
Thursday 23 May 2019
Innovation can be anything; a product, a service or a process. Ananya Sadera gives you her five tips for driving innovation which enables her to tell her clients 'what's next?'
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UK Savings Market: CACI Interviews the Savings Guru - part two
Tuesday 30 April 2019
Part two of Paul Kenny's interview with James Blower, founder of Savings Guru.
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BYPaul Kenny
UK Savings Market: CACI Interviews the Savings Guru part 1
Tuesday 30 April 2019
The UK savings market is more vibrant than it has been for years. Here, we ask Savings Guru founder James Blower for his thoughts on the market in a two-part interview. Read part one.
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BYPaul Kenny
Success in the Cloud is all about Business Driven IT
Monday 14 January 2019
VIDEO - Dominic Rowles & Peter Eggington explain why your IT team must become more business focused and why they think future CTOs will be business people.
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Digital Transformation
Monday 1 October 2018
Explore the seven most common questions people ask when planning a digital transformation project.
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embrace cloud
Tuesday 5 June 2018
How can IT Departments reinvent themselves, become relevant and drive cloud transformation?
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