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Monday 24 May 2021
Sam Balaam tells of how a well known insurance company came to us to migrate all its services and digital assets to a new infrastructure securely, efficiently, and most importantly, against the clock.
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m&a integration
Tuesday 17 July 2018
Dom Rowles, Director, CACI, explains the importance of IT integration to financial M&A deal success.
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m&a integration
Tuesday 26 June 2018
While M&A activity has a range of benefits for market share and some high level efficiency savings and synergies, deep seated technology integration problems can arise which undermine the reasons for deals.
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Friday 20 April 2018
This year’s rumoured big M&A deals may look appetising for those involved, but without the right IT systems integration, those involved could run into operational difficulties and scupper projected financial benefits.
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