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Tuesday 5 January 2021
If you’re poised to push the button on a field force reduction programme or you’re considering your options to control costs in a post-Covid world, make sure you’ve considered these 9 critical risk factors before you take action.
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Wednesday 9 December 2020
Managing the field sales and field marketing mix in a new landscape after COVID-19
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Thursday 12 November 2020
Many businesses, who are embarking on a journey to optimise their field sales teams, have a defined strategy for the task. They understand what is required and how they can achieve their business’s goals. What they need to make that strategy work and to achieve those goals is the tool.
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Monday 11 May 2020
With many countries now starting to ‘flatten the curve’, governments are planning scenarios for coming out of lockdown and restarting their economies.
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Thursday 6 February 2020
Field Sales Reps move on for several reasons, but the decisions you make when deciding where to recruit, how you adjust your territories to accommodate that recruit, and your approach to route optimisation will have an impact on staff retention.
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Tuesday 14 January 2020
Hiring new people isn’t an activity that most people enjoy. Recruitment distracted me from my day job: I’m sure everyone involved in this activity would empathise with me.
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Friday 8 November 2019
30 years ago, the carbon footprint of your field team of reps wasn’t even a consideration. Fuel costs were a matter of interest to finance as a budget line, but the cost to the environment wasn’t high on anyone’s commercial agenda.
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How Commuting Affects Your Field Sales Team
Thursday 10 October 2019
Do you work in or with a field sales team? Do you have complaints about time spent commute driving? Or perhaps you have no complaints but a suspiciously high staff turnover in some areas?
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Tuesday 3 September 2019
The big three-zero. A birthday milestone for CACI’s Field Force Planning team is something to celebrate. It is interesting (and occasionally amusing) to look back and see how changes in culture and technology have shaped the field sales ecosystem in which we work.
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