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Friday 3 April 2020
In the second instalment of our Next Digital Decade series, CACI’s Director of Managed Services, Jon Ede, discusses the highlights and lowlights of MarTech from the past decade and gives his advice on how your business can drive value from marketing technology in the next ten years
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BYDavid Sealey
Monday 30 March 2020
David Sealey, sat down with one of our experts in digital marketing, Faye Dineen, to have an insightful discussion about how the digital marketing landscape has evolved over the past decade.
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Friday 21 February 2020
Industry trends are showing that marketing budgets are down an average of 6.25% from 2019 to 2020. The bad news for marketers is that targets aren’t dropping, they’re increasing in tough trading conditions. You’re literally being expected to do more with less.
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BYDavid Sealey
Friday 24 January 2020
The expansion of marketing technologies is seemingly never-ending and marketers hardly ever use them to their fullest potential. Discover how to unleash the true power of any platform.
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Wednesday 20 November 2019
We’ve identified a number of common trends that retailers can take advantage of to improve their online customer experience and inspire customer loyalty.
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BYGrace Dunne
Redefining Retail Space
Thursday 5 April 2018
An area of focus for CACI’s Space Redefined briefing was to highlight how brands are adapting to the changing shopper behaviour in today’s retail landscape.
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Monday 5 March 2018
In our latest blog post we explore the unique behaviour of London consumers vs. the rest of the UK.
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Why you need a customer-driven location strategy
Wednesday 25 October 2017
In an industry increasingly driven by the customers, retailers need to get more creative in every aspect of their business – from marketing and merchandising, right down to location strategy.
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