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Monday 30 March 2020
David Sealey, sat down with one of our experts in digital marketing, Faye Dineen, to have an insightful discussion about how the digital marketing landscape has evolved over the past decade.
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Travel Planning
Thursday 5 September 2019
The way consumers are interacting with travel brands is rapidly changing, as what was once a traditionally face-to-face buying experience moves online. But, is the travel industry evolving with consumer behaviour?
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Six top tips to kickstart your paid search
Friday 25 January 2019
Paid search is a useful digital tactic to give yourself the best opportunity to be seen at the top of the Search Engine Results Page. However, you need to align your goals with your campaign to make sure that money isn't being wasted.
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BYKatarina Djuric
5 key considerations for in-housing programmatic media buying
Friday 18 January 2019
In-housing digital channels is becoming more popular than ever and now brands are turning to programmatic media buying to gain a competitive edge. Here's 5 key considerations before you take the plunge.
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BYRuud Verdellen
Wednesday 19 December 2018
A solid digital strategy must include display advertising. Here's five tips to help increase the effectiveness of your display campaigns.
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BYLeon Gerrits
Tuesday 11 December 2018
Digital Marketing expert, Patrick, shares his top 5 tips for a great SEO strategy.
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BYPatrick Bray
12 ways to optimise your marketing opt-in process
Wednesday 5 December 2018
Opted-in customers can have a far greater lifetime value than those who have failed to give consent. David Sealey explains his 12 tips for optimising marketing opt-ins.
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BYDavid Sealey
What other marketers can learn from Hush’s audience-driven success
Tuesday 30 January 2018
Find out how Hush defined clear customer profiles and used them to tailor marketing experiences, channels and creative approaches using a customer segmentation.
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Friday 10 November 2017
Pressure is growing on digital marketers to enhance acquisition and conversion rates and reduce media wastage – all while delivering the personalised, contextual experiences customers expect.
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Thursday 9 November 2017
We've seen a growing number of digital marketing clients adding in new layers of data or channel integration, to target and deliver their messages in a more sophisticated, nuanced way. We call this multichannel, multi-data approach Audience Driven Marketing.
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