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There’s no market in over-55s for electric vehicles. Discuss.
Monday 13 January 2020
A recent article on The Mail’s website cites a KPMG survey of 2,001 motorists on their attitudes to EVs and reveals that 75% of over 55s have range anxiety, ruling them out of the market. But is that really the case? What does CACI data have to say on the matter?
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Monday 6 January 2020
At CACI we contend that a consumer-centric approach driven through data and blended with other complementary datasets provides the means to estimate and quantify where Automotive manufacturers can best achieve success in this field.
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Wednesday 18 December 2019
The balance between social and private rental is at a tipping point, and there is a clear trend towards greater reliance on the private rental sector.
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BYPaul Langston
Monday 16 December 2019
At CACI we have pulled together the Property Week Hot 100 Retail Locations which looks at how catchments change over different periods of the year.
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Tuesday 12 November 2019
Here are just 5 of the ways you can leverage segmentation to improve your customer experience.
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BYSarah Collin
Monday 29 July 2019
Numerous articles have been hitting the headlines over the past few years regarding social inclusion and cohesion in residential developments.
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Thursday 16 May 2019
Price has always been a big factor. But what else makes people decide they want a property – or not? Our research shows it depends on their life stage…
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Thursday 9 May 2019
New research shows people move home at very specific times in their lives – and that three key demographics hold the key to a successful development.
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Thursday 9 May 2019
CACI’s new, national survey has revealed what influences where households look when moving home. And it has some significant implications for developers.
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The changing scene of music festivals
Monday 4 March 2019
The UK festival scene has seen a rise in the number of both festivals and attendees over the past decade, but how can organisers increase their profit margins and ensure they are targeting the right audience?
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BYEliza Adriani