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Monday 19 November 2018
People are talking about micro living as if it is a new invention, but in this blog we highlight, there are already tens of thousands of people living in “micro homes” across the UK, and explores where they live, who they are and whether this is a sustainable model going forward.
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Wednesday 14 November 2018
Everyone knows that ABC1s are the most affluent consumers in the country. Right? Honing your audience down to ABC1s means that your targeting is working. Right? Setting your budget based on the number of ABC1s will ensure that your resources are going to the right place. Right? Erm….not quite!
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Tuesday 6 November 2018
Acorn is a powerful consumer classification that segments the UK population. But where does it come from, and how is it built? In this blog we look at the methodology behind Acorn, the data used to build it, and some important differences in classifications.
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How much can movers afford?
Wednesday 31 October 2018
As the affordability of housing becomes an increasingly contentious point – for developers, buyers and local authorities alike – house builders need to pay ever closer attention to how they craft their pricing strategy.
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Tuesday 30 October 2018
Due to it's popularity, Oktoberfest is now celebrated in many cities across the UK where a variety of German craft ales are on offer. But where, and which supermarkets, will benefit most from the celebrations?
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Adult Social Care
Monday 29 October 2018
The challenge faced by the Government associated with reforms to the Adult Social Care system is not a new one. It is a complex issue with a range of contributing factors, which makes this such a tricky problem to solve.
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Data providing clues on what movers want
Wednesday 24 October 2018
Successful residential developers don’t just build identikit boxes – they anticipate demand and design the kind of homes real people actually want to live in. And at CACI, we’ve analysed the data to draw some conclusions about what that might look like.
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Demographics of house building
Wednesday 17 October 2018
As residential building becomes increasingly competitive, developers need to take a more strategic approach to how, what and where they choose to build – and who they build for. For developers, understanding the potential customer is key to shaping the offering they build.
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Thursday 11 October 2018
The football never ends. 38 games to divide the champions from the rest and the relegated from the survivors, with all teams trying to give their fans something to cheer about, but who in all of this are the real winners and losers?
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Wednesday 10 October 2018
Despite the UK’s well-documented housing crisis, UK census data suggests around 10% of the UK population will move in the next twelve months.
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