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Monday 10 August 2020
It comes as no surprise that lockdown has had a significant impact on the way city dwellers see the relationship between where they live and work. Recent data released by Rightmove for June and July has revealed a significant shift in city residents looking to relocate and take up village life.
BYPaul Nash
Monday 3 August 2020
Councils across Wales are wanting to implement the additional learning needs (ALN) code and this is set to transform benefits to children and families, impacting schools and other educational facilities.
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Wednesday 29 July 2020
Rust is becoming some of our team's favourite programming language. But how can make it a language for the web? In this technical blog we discuss how.
Chris Manning's picture
BYChris Manning
Tuesday 28 July 2020
CACI has been aware for a while that the “Field of dreams strategy” (build it and they will come) is no longer a suitable model.
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Wednesday 22 July 2020
Since the outbreak of COVID-19 and the necessity of a UK-wide lockdown, keeping on top of projects and tasks has changed, but not stopped
BYLuke Brown
Wednesday 15 July 2020
Find out how we helped the Met Office build their next generation observational data platform in the cloud.
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BYDylon Sivam
Friday 10 July 2020
Could it be worth looking at Delivery Assurance to cover your next major IT project?
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digital marketing technology
Friday 10 July 2020
Personalisation is a challenging topic. Some organisations just don’t get it. How do you change things at your company?
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BYDavid Sealey
Friday 10 July 2020
In today’s crowded inbox, personalisation can give your email a competitive edge. We’ve got four secrets that can take your campaigns to the next level.
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BYMatthew Slaymaker
Thursday 9 July 2020
Much has been said about Covid-19 and our devolved nation state’s approach to it. The different rules on how we ease our lockdown speaks volumes about the fact that none of us, including our ruling bodies, really know how it’s going to go.
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