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Friday 27 November 2020
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BYDavid Sealey
Monday 23 November 2020
After an extension because of the COVID crisis, support for Drupal 7 will run out in November 2022. Upgrading to Drupal 9 means a full site rebuild – so end-of-life will come around quickly for owners of large or complex sites. Here are the key things you need to know.
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Tuesday 17 November 2020
With home working being in focus over the past several months and with it set to be a feature in the future, Jason Giddens from our Digital Solutions team talks through what questions you need to ask yourself to make sure your data is secure when using the public cloud.
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Thursday 12 November 2020
Many businesses, who are embarking on a journey to optimise their field sales teams, have a defined strategy for the task. They understand what is required and how they can achieve their business’s goals. What they need to make that strategy work and to achieve those goals is the tool.
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Thursday 12 November 2020
The ongoing situation with COVID is having wide-ranging impacts on consumer behaviour and purchasing decisions. The automotive industry is not alone as this is impacting all sectors of the economy. The recovery is coming but it might be a longer road than some thought.
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Tuesday 10 November 2020
As we move into lockdown mode, here are 4 thoughts on the topic for the grocery & convenience sector:
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Monday 2 November 2020
Covid-19 has meant that 2020 has been a challenging year for all sectors. For the water sector, this has been particularly challenging. Water companies have spent years building demand and leakage models to ensure that they are as accurate as possible.
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Wednesday 28 October 2020
Low-carbon housing is a viable alternative to traditional housing, where emissions are significantly reduced through alternative building materials, embodied technology and increased energy efficiency.
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Wednesday 28 October 2020
Meet Rustlr - our browser plugin that 'rounds up' and visualises data sent from your browser as you surf the internet.
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Wednesday 28 October 2020
CACI believes lockdown has caused online shopping trends to jump forwards 5 years in 2 weeks, and the same could be said for online working. The relationship between where we work and where we live has been completely disrupted; where we live no longer has to be governed by where we work.
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