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TSS- Cloud
If your business needs a strategy to transition your IT services (either partially or fully) onto a Virtualised environment, CACI should be your first port of call.
Our technology consulting has supported major brands in the telco, banking and online gaming sectors (to name just a few)  with some of the key decisions that an enterprise needs to make about, what, who and when a transition should take place – and whether this should be simply virtualised or migrated fully to the cloud. Once the decision has been taken to implement change, we’re on hand to support the transformation process.
We offer full lifecycle design, process engineering, build and support of Virtualised and Cloud environments across a broad range of IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) providers as well as supporting customers’ own private infrastructure environments. 
We regularly advise government departments and large private enterprises on technologies and best practises to gain the maximum benefit from transitioning to the Cloud.  Services deployed in the cloud must be designed and deployed optimally, and CACI has the expertise needed to determine organisational readiness for Cloud, including undertaking Cost Benefit Analysis and Strategic evaluation against business strategy, IT portfolio study and Cloud/Virtualisation Transformation.
Our experience of Cloud Services providers includes Skyscape, Amazon Web Services, SunGard Availability Services, Rackspace, Microsoft Azure and Crown Hosting covering both Windows and Linux O/S deployments.
At the system and application level we additionally offer architectural, integration and deployment capabilities allowing our customers to spin-up/manage compute resources in a corporately owned virtualised environment. Our application capability covers a broad range of suppliers including: VMware, HP, EMC, Cisco, SolarWinds, Check Point, McAffee, IBM Tivoli, Microsoft, Patch Manager and Proteus.
As with all of our engagements, we can offer this project support on a consulting or outcome basis.

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