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CACI Technology Solutions for transport and infrastructure
Working with a range of clients across air, road and rail transport and its supporting infrastructure, we have built a thorough knowledge of the requirements of this critical sector.
We have wide-ranging expertise in legacy system integration and the real-time flow of data, which means we can provide operational support systems that help to maximise the use of what is often heavily constrained infrastructure. Our experience covers work with rail operators, airport authorities and with organisations responsible for managing and repairing vital road networks.
Our clients include NATS, Aeroporti Di Roma, Network Rail and the Rail Delivery Group, who all use us to help release the full potential of their assets and get the most from their existing investments.
Whether the need is for real-time traffic monitoring and demand forecasting, incident tracking, passenger load analysis or improved operational reporting for maintenance organisations with a large contractor base; our data analysis and management solutions are designed to help keep businesses on track.

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