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Organisations in all sectors now differentiate themselves by transforming and extending their business processes into mobile channels. They’re connecting with their workforce, connecting with their supply chain and connecting with their consumers.
Mobile first is a strategy that's synonymous with success in the digital age. To keep your business relevant, connected and effective, you need to commit to mobile and keep evolving your capabilities to keep pace with advances in technology, processes, customer needs and human behaviour.
Mobilising demands process and infrastructure transformation as well as fast and responsive mobile application development. We support agile working practices and deliver customer service advantages that will maintain and enhance your market position.
When you’re taking the first steps to mobilising, it can seem an intimidating challenge. You know that the change needs to happen: the question is, how to deliver it robustly so that it brings the benefits and ROI you need.

ASG’s proven approach.

We tackle the challenge systematically, based on our long experience working with clients in a range of sectors to deliver competitive advantage through mobile innovation. Taking an end-to-end approach, we confirm the strategy, define the architecture, build the team, develop the solution and provide the ongoing support that will sustain and evolve it.
Our methodology helps us work with our clients to define the journey towards a truly mobile first organisation. It defines a roadmap and sets out the steps to: 
  • identify your company’s current position
  • define the key deliverable for each maturity level 
  • include technology, process, governance and organisational change at each stage

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