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Using BI know-how to make a difference in higher education

A long time ago we saw the value in using our hugely powerful business intelligence software to help universities make better decisions.

We have worked with over a third of all the UK Universities, providing business intelligence solutions that enable a University to measure and manage performance from both an academic and business perspective. With an emphasis on providing highly visual and easy to use systems our people and our solutions have become indispensable factors in our client’s decision-making process. And for good reason.

Our student centric approach puts the most important person in all of this at the centre of what we do. We use innovative technology to make student number planning more accurate, course planning more in tune with what students want, whilst at the same time helping finance teams to model and plan income and costs at the student and course levels.

Our systems also give universities a valuable insight into student performance on a student-by-student basis. Spotting any areas of concern before it’s too late, ensuring student and university standards remain high.

We’re proud to use world class technology from our partners such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and Qlik. Our people have real expertise in these technologies and understand the requirements of a modern higher education institution. This ensures we deliver an information solution tailored for you.

Talk to us today to see how we're working with the likes of Oxford Brookes University, University of Greenwich and many more.


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