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As organisations face increasing pressure to do more with less, visibility of costs is critical to taking action, closing the gaps and supporting decision makers to achieve better outcomes. This can be difficult to achieve in organisations with complex service or product delivery.

Activity-based costing enables your organisation to gain a deeper understanding of service delivery costs and use these insights to take action, improve service delivery and make more effective decisions.

Synergy is CACI’s costing solution provides end-to-end reporting and management capability, bringing together your data, costs and analytics to identify improvements and seize new opportunities. Synergy can provide you with this deep insight even in complex organisations.

Synergy in Healthcare:

In order to better understand care pathways and improve patient outcomes, it is vital to have a detailed insight of the costs across the organisation.

Synergy empowers healthcare providers to make confident decisions by identifying reasons for cost and care variations, as well as non-value activities. This can provide the opportunity to both reduce costs and improve service delivery.

Across England, Trusts are tasked with meeting mandatory NHSI Healthcare Costing Standards  and submission requirements. Synergy is Healthcare Costing Standards compliant, allowing trusts to meet their obligations in addition to realising the benefit of heightened insight. The Healthcare Costing Standards configuration is supplied out of the box and is maintained in line with NHSI changes relieving ongoing burden from our customers.

Hosted in an HSCN connected secure facility, Synergy is a Software as a Service (SaaS) web based solution that provides an economical, high performance service that is simple and quick to set up.

Our Healthcare customers are using Synergy for SLR and National Cost Collections and PLICS submissions as well as for facilitating their strategic, outcome-based goals.

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Synergy in Higher Education:

Universities across the UK are facing the challenge of delivering first class education amidst growing external pressures such as potential funding changes, rising student debt and competition from degree alternatives. Budgets are having to work harder than ever before.

An activity-based costing solution can help overcome some of the challenges and identify opportunities, by being able to calculate costs and income at a module level or lower.

The insight obtained from a flexible costing solution enables institutions to take actions such as changes to the course mix, international student fee setting and better use of their estate.

Synergy is a highly flexible activity based costing and analytics solution that allows Higher Education providers to model cost and income flows throughout the organisation to understand potential improvements and also deal with statutory requirements such as TRAC.

Synergy in Local Authorities:

As local authorities are under increasing pressure to improve the delivery of their services and continually make their town or city better for residents, the challenge is how to achieve this with funding caps and smaller budgets.

Whether it’s improving roads and parking, or understanding the cost implications of 3rd party suppliers, visibility and analysis of costing at an activity level can help councils do more with less by identifying areas they can improve to bring more back into their budget.



Our team, which is comprised of CIMA qualified accountants, technical architects and business intelligence experts work with you throughout each stage of our project in line with our proven project delivery framework. We guide you beyond delivery to ensure that organisational benefits are realised.

CACI provides you with:

  • Support and training to promote self-sufficiency
  • A proven and repeatable project delivery framework
  • Upgrades, patching, monitoring, backup and recovery operations
  • A service desk for incident and problem management
  • Maintenance of changes to the Healthcare Costing Standards template (NHS Applicable only)
  • A dedicated Customer Success Consultant, who is responsible for ensuring that you achieve your objectives from the solution

We focus on engaging with stakeholders across your organisation, to guide and build your knowledge. We equip you with the skills to get the most out of your costing solution, meet your requirements and improve outcomes.

Our customer care function is one of the core operations, providing clients access to a dedicated team of qualified, experienced Technical Consultants. Alongside this, sits our Customer Success Programme, ensuring customers continue to get the best out of their investment. This includes bringing our user base together to share best practice and industry insight.


CACI works NHS Trusts, Universities and Local Authorities and other public sector organisations to support and facilitate their business goals.

Our approach to partnering with our public sector clients has given us a breath of experience and insight into the challenges organisations face, and we work to provide the best tools and solutions that facilitate continual improvements.


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Synergy Costing

Synergy is CACI’s costing solution provides end-to-end reporting and management capability, bringing together your data, costs and analytics to identify improvements and seize new opportunities. Synergy can provide you with this deep insight even in complex organisations.