Real-time Asset Data Attribution for Rail

The power of real-time data

Around 70% of the current rail fleet in service has the ability to provide data around asset availability in real-time, and for those that don’t, CACI can implement railway-approved sensors to help support the full fleet.

With our RADAR platform, we can generate information and push it straight into the Rail Delivery Group’s Darwin System, making it immediately available to front line staff and passengers through apps, websites and station information systems.

Having operation-critical data at your fingertips in an instant can help you to streamline the efficiency of your operations and drive a better experience for your passengers.

Real-time Customer Data

  • Allows better visibility for your customers and stakeholders and improves customer experience across the rail network.

Real-time Operational Data

  • Allows you to control passenger distribution on the rail platform and improve the likelihood of them finding a seat or space on the train.
  • Generates a better quality of intelligence for operational staff, enabling them to efficiently assist with tactical interventions.

RADAR - Passenger Loading

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What we do

Alongside our dedicated rail industry data software, CACI’s specialists can enable you to report on the following:

Rough Ride Analysis

RADAR can help detect rough ride events and provide real-time reporting into Control Centres so that inspection and corrective maintenance can be quickly scheduled.

Trespass Incidents

RADAR reduces the impact of trespass incidents by providing real-time video to Control Centre staff. Using IoT sensors and smart video fitted in train cabs, the system can detect and identify the location of an incident.

Passenger Numbers

Our Intuitive RADAR system will help you understand how many passengers can travel safely within each carriage and on each train. It also enables you to divulge real-time occupancy information to passengers before they travel.

Unit Mileage

It can be difficult to accurately record mileage and conduct train exams on time due to disruptions and last-minute changes of schedule. RADAR can help you manage your fleet’s mileage and assist in scheduling exams and routine maintenance.

HVAC Systems

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning failures can cause customer service issues and even, in severe cases, public relations incidents. RADAR provides real-time updates on the status of onboard facilities, including HVAC.

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