Pin Data

Data products for logistics operations

Pin Data is a wide ranging set of data products which are specifically designed to facilitate and bring significant benefits to a logistics operation.

Pin Data products are based on expertly sourced data from the best suppliers in the world, which are then enhanced by CACI’s team of data scientists.

Benefits of using Pin Data products include:

  • Using the right road networks, speeds and distances will underpin your route optimisation
  • Using the right addresses can save you time on each delivery
  • Pin Data is continually tested, enhanced, updated and supported by a team of data experts
  • It is available in many different formats, as ‘on premise’ data and via APIs
  • We provide licensing expertise to ensure you’re licensing it in the most appropriate way for you
  • We also offer bespoke products to meet unique requirements

Pin Data products include:

  • Backdrop mapping to visualise the data
  • Navigable roads and attributes to use for routing purposes
  • Speeds and distances to ensure optimisation
  • Address locations to make sure you’re going to exactly the right places

Pin Data products are available for almost all worldwide locations.

In addition to the Pinpoint Logistics suite of software products, Pin Data products are used in a vast number of other applications.

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