Same Day Delivery

Same day delivery multiplies the already substantial challenges of route planning for next day or future deliveries. Customer expectations are high, driven by global digital pioneers like Amazon. Work with us to meet your customer commitments and minimise costs with leading same-day route planning tools and data.

When customers are placing live orders throughout the day, you need a highly responsive and finely tuned system to trigger dispatches that balance timeliness with efficiency and cost control. Our same day solutions enable you to hold routes back until the optimal moment. You can continually optimise routes throughout the day, tracking orders and keeping customers informed about progress to their door.

Trusted, expert help with technology and deployment

CACI’s leading technology and data know-how combines with our long-standing logistics and delivery experience. We help clients to compete effectively in the challenging same day market. Use our proven platform to enhance your proposition with reliable and efficient same day delivery that will help you maintain existing customers and win new ones. We’re keenly aware how important it is to deliver value and minimise costs for same day delivery. Our expertise takes away the headache of deploying a new solution – we understand the many complex factors that contribute to a successful operation and can advise you on the best way to use your resources.

Harness a powerful same day delivery optimisation engine

Our same day route optimisation and planning tool is available as an API that’s easy to integrate with existing systems. It takes into account the unique and changing parameters that affect delivery efficiency and customer experience.

  • Vehicle and driver availability
  • Load optimisation
  • Continuous ordering
  • Continuous re-optimisation of routes
  • Customer messaging and PODs

We understand that the stakes are high: customers have zero tolerance for failures and errors. Our same day logistics experts work with you to minimise risk so you can launch with confidence. Initial order data modelling shows baseline and optimised route plans. A soft launch means you can test the approach in a live environment for a limited period. At go live, you’ll know for certain that you’re set up for same day success.


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