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Enabling more effective service delivery through insight   

It is essential for the public sector to understand the needs of the communities they serve in order to deliver the right services to the right people, in the most cost effective way. We believe community understanding and insight provides an evidence base to inform, shape and underpin the delivery of services through local plans, core strategies and digital transformation.   

In an age of austerity we recognise that the sector as a whole is under immense pressure to maintain the delivery of quality services while working with a shrinking budget and resource pool; that’s why we’ve developed a range of products and services aimed at tackling the challenges of the modern public sector in the following ways:.

  • Transformation – specifically channel shift, self-serve and customer access strategies
  • Social Care – understand the complex needs of the community, assess demand and identify opportunities for intervention
  • Public Health – supporting health strategies and interventions, evidence base for JSNAs
  • Differential Services – understanding who would pay more for additional or premium local government services, assessing the impact of introducing a charging model
  • Welfare reform and financial hardship – specifically poverty, debt and assessing the impact of the changes to welfare reform
  • Revenue protection – using Acorn alongside local government held data to identify and target can’t pay vs won’t pay
  • Waste and recycling – understanding peoples’ waste and recycling habits, maintaining participation rates and increasing awareness  

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